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5 Local Ways to Put the U in Cupid

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

There’s no need to sit around waiting for someone else to give you a treat this Valentine’s, because who loves you? YOU DO, BABY! Since there's nothing better than feeling refreshed, healthy, and confident, here's 5 feel-good Milford experiences to treat the one and only you.

Get Glowing at SunSpray Tanning

SunSpray Tans' subtle, organic tans don’t just give you a fresh-from-the-beach glow. They make you feel that way too. In the past, fake tans have a reputation for being orange, and, uh, funky-smelling, but SunSpray excels at imbuing healthy, natural, golden tones with minimal scent, whether you simply want to look sun-kissed or go full-on bronze adonis. And the best part? They use organic products to do it. Here’s the scoop:

For my first session, co-owner Madeline walked me through the steps, explained just how the tanner worked, and ran through my post-tan care routine. After stepping into the spray room, she helped ensure my hands, feet, knees, and elbows were properly treated with barrier cream so they wouldn’t look like I basted barbecue sauce on them. She then used her airbrush gun to deftly and evenly mist my entire body. The whole process took about ten minutes, and I left with an immediate glow, thanks to a bronzer in the formula (the real tan develops over the next few hours.) Especially noteworthy: SunSpray has an expert-level ventilation system: I didn’t breathe one whiff of mist into my lungs.

When I woke the next day, I couldn't believe how natural it looked—just like I had been out in the sun. Throughout the day, friends and coworkers kept commenting on how nice I looked, even though I forewent my usual makeup routine for just a swipe of mascara. But the best part? How great I felt about myself: confident, glowy, happy—and after a winter of indulgences, that’s worth every penny. As of this writing, I’m going on Day 7 and I still have my tan lines. WOOT!

And heyo! At SunSunspray tans start at only $59, but your first is only $49 for your first appointment if you mention this blog! Book yours HERE or follow their Instagram @sunspraytans.

Literally MELT Away Stress

Do you like massages? Walking taller? Getting rid of aches and pains? And feeling generally AMAZEBALLS? Well, my friends, let me introduce you to the MELT Method®—60 minutes of pure awesomeness taught right at The Pilates Center of Milford.

MELT (which stands for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique) is a self-treatment system that restores the body’s connective tissue (the fascia) and decreases the accumulated stress caused by repetitive motions and prolonged postures associated with today’s modern life (I’m looking at you, Text Neck). It also helps to develop neuromuscular strength, increase athletic performance, decrease cellulite, and slow the process of aging (hello). And it feels really good.

Taught by holistic health coach and dancer Betsy Osterholm, the class begins with an assessment of where your body is, then is catered to the issues folks have on that particular day. Using foam rollers and balls, you roll and massage targeted areas across the entire body in a hurts-so-good kind of way. Not only did I feel fantastic after my first class, but was also in a terrific mood—likely attributed to the special attention to the fight-or-flight muscle (the psoas), which carries a lifetime of physical, cave-person-type response to modern emotional stress.

Considering a single class is only $20, that’s a whole lot of bang for your buck. Seriously, why are you still here? Treat your body to a MELT session now. You can thank me later. Book NOW and follow them for class updates at @pilatescenterofmilford.

Custom-Blended Makeup for the Special Snowflake You Are

Daily affirmation time: You are special. You are worthy. And there’s no one else like you. Which is precisely why custom-blended mineral foundation is the perfect self-care prezzie.

Kristina Foreman, owner of Makeup Makeup, creates hand-blended, pure mineral formulations that are made to be a perfect match for your skin tone, skin type, and coverage level you want—from sheer to full. She uses the highest grade minerals imported from Italy (whose pigment mesmerizingly line the selves of her studio) and her custom blends are free of talc, bismuth, mica, mineral oil, parabens, and fragrances. And so you can feel even better about feeling good, her studio, is chock full of other vegan, organic, natural, and safe beauty products.

Kristina’s work has been featured in top magazines like Elle, Cosmo, Esquire, Seventeen, Martha Stewart, etc. Thanks to her study of color theory, you won’t just leave with a foundation that’s made just for you. You’ll leave with application tips and an education on the best colors and products for you—so you can look your best, no matter what kind of day you’re having.

Makeup Makeup is located on Harbor Walk in Downtown Milford and is by appointment only, but she’s very easy to reach. Custom foundations are $68 and she also offers custom concealers, lip products, and blush. You can reach her through her website HERE, or follow her for tips on Instagram at @kristinamakepupmakeup.

Get Salty

Ah… imagine 45 tranquil minutes to yourself, awash in a pink glow, while dreamy, meditative music drifts through the air. This, my friends, is what it’s like in a Moroccan Salt Room session at Revive Salt Therapy, a new halotherapy wellness center located on New Haven Avenue.

There’s a calming aura from when you first set foot inside Revive, but the real magic happens inside the salt room. Backlit by a wall of pink Himalayan salt blocks and with a night sky painted above, the room features 6 anti-gravity chairs, each with a blanket in case you get chilly. After you get settled in, the session begins: finely-milled microscopic particles of sodium chloride are diffused through the air to mimic the atmosphere of the salt caves in Europe.

Why, you ask? Historically, folks have turned to salt therapy for centuries, dating back to ye olden times. According to the Salt Therapy Association, today’s halotherapy has its origins from the the salt mine caves of Europe. Workers who mined the salt were noted to have better respiratory health, better skin appearance, and were thriving overall. Now, people are turning to halotherapy as an alternative treatment for asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, and skin conditions like eczema and acne. On top of that, owner Gail Perrella maintains that salt produces negative ions, which reportedly boost energy, relieve stress, and improve sleep. Personally, I can attest that I went in with a wee cough—and left without it. And the more you come, the better the benefits get.

If just chilling isn’t your thing, you can kill two birds with one Himalayan salt crystal in Salty Yoga, a one-hour class that allows you to breath in the particles while you get your flow on. There’s also massage, a meditation room, and a soon-to-be infrared sauna, so no matter what kind of self-care you’re in the mood for, you can find it here.

Moroccan Salt Room sessions are on the hour and generally cost $35 for a 45-minute session, but right now Revive is offering a 3-Session pack to new customers for only $67!! Show yourself some love and book your session HERE or follow them on Insta at @revivesalttherapy. I'll be waiting in the chair next to you:).

Treat the Girls Right

Riddle me this: who was president when you bought the bra you’re wearing? Or when was the last time you didn’t buy your bra at TJ Maxx (ain’t no shame in the Maxxinista game, tho). Even if you do have a new-ish one, if you haven’t been fitted recently because, ya know, things change—you’re probably not wearing the best size for you. In fact, roughly 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. While it may seem more likely to find a soulmate than the right size bra, fortunately, we have the lovely boob whisperers/bra fitters at Whispers Lingerie to help us out with free fittings and an amazing selection of beautiful garments.

Why does it matter? As co-owner Lori Vazzano pointed out, it’s very difficult to pull a bra from a department store rack. A 34C in one style could be a completely different fit in another. And different styles have different purposes for and effects on your silhouette. You obviously know a sports bra is good for exercise/laying on the couch. But for a button-down, you might want a minimizer, or for a sweater or blouse, a projection bra with a deep plunge. A proper fit can also help with back pain and posture, and that can make you feel great inside and out.

Whispers carries everything from gorgeous specialty and bridal lingerie to cozy leisure undergarments for the weekend, and they can fit all sizes, from a 30AA to 52N cup. I can attest—I always do a little happy dance when the bras I've gotten there come back through the laundry cycle. They also have a lot of other fun stuff, from jewelry and accessories to cozy-cute PJs, so there’s something to treat yourself with at every price point.

When you truly feel good, you look good as a result. And Whisper’s can help you out with both. Check them out HERE or follow them at @whispers_milford_ct.

We all know that finding joy is largely our own responsibility. Treating yourself on Valentine’s just feels nice. And, you can do it without feeling guilty (not that you should anyway), because—hey, it’s a holiday, right? So go ahead, find your fave, and make yourself happy this year.


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