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6 Places in Milford To Refresh Your Resolution (and Kick Its Butt)

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Because sometimes your reset button needs a reset button.

Yup. We’re hitting that time of January when the New Year’s resolve seems, well, a little less resolute. Even if you didn’t know it from your own experience, you likely won’t be surprised to hear that approximately 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions have abandoned them by the second week of February. In fact, research done by fitness app Strava has pinpointed an exact day—January 19, aka “Quitter’s Day”— as the day most people give up.

Since we’ve sailed way past January 19th, what better way to light a tiny fire under your tuchus than with something new? Fortunately, Milford’s got lots of options—and here are six that are worth your consideration:

1. Get Empowered: Great Heart Yoga

I can’t think of a better name for this place. When yogi/owner Stacey Turechek walks into the room, she simply exudes warmth. All are welcome in this space, no matter the shape, size, clothing, or age—sorry Planet Fitness, this literally is the judgment-free zone. You wanna wear your Lulus? Go ahead. How ‘bout an old Coed Naked Lacrosse Tee with ratty sweats? Even better. Never done yoga before? There’s something for every level. Don’t know anyone? That won’t last long, either. You’ll be part of the tribe from the moment you walk through the door.

Great Heart not only offers a challenging yoga workout, but there are also real-life applications scattered throughout the practice. Stacy strikes the perfect balance of physical knowledge and thought-provoking insight—if that sets off alarm bells, turn them off. We’re not talking hokey mumbo jumbo. She offers real, meaningful meditative nuggets that apply in and out of the studio—and she’ll have you reaching, twisting, stretching, strengthening, and sweating while you do it. You’ll leave feeling like a brand-new you, either prepared for the day or wound down for the evening.

Oh, and did I mention? The best playlists in any yoga class, ever. Period.

Great Heart offers mixed level classes throughout the week, including a 6 Week Beginners series for newbies. Heads-up for new students—they also offer an amazing one-time "30 Days for $30" special. Check out their schedule here.

2. Custom Training, No Matter What Your Goal: MoJoe’s Gym

Wanna improve your golf swing? Lose weight? Shave time off your run? Or just be able to move more fluidly again? This is your place.

Full disclosure: I’m a former fitness instructor. I’d like to think I know a thing or two. Since MoJoe’s offers complimentary assessments, I thought I’d get one just to see what they’re all about. I left knowing my psoas muscle was in spasm (so that’s what that was)—and was given the techniques to properly stretch it out. In other words, this place knows their stuff.

Owner Joe Romano and his employees take a scientific approach based on total health and wellness. They learn about your lifestyle, your goals, what you do for a living, what you eat, and assess your injuries and issues, then custom tailor your training accordingly. It’s one-on-one training that ensures a safe and efficient workout, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Each workout is different, to keep your mind and body interested, and stretching is laced in throughout, so you leave feeling both like you’ve worked out and had a massage. Bonus!

Although the utmost in professional know-how should be enough, the thing that really hits home about MoJoe’s is how friendly it is. Everyone there—staff and clients—are clearly happy to be there. (Don’t believe me? Check out their reviews.) Also, as part of your membership, they offer group training for all levels to complement your one-on-one sessions. If you need to squeeze in a workout in your own time, there are even tablets scattered around different stations, each one featuring a staff member demonstrating a specific exercise, so you can still be “coached” in your own time. And these consistently change, so it’s never the same workout.

After spending some time in their sparkling-clean facility (and maybe getting my butt a little kicked in the process) it was easy to see why MoJoe’s has so many raving fans. If you’re looking for personal training that gets results, you really can’t do better than MoJoe’s. Check them out here.

Quietly located on Pepe’s Farm Road, Erica Hannon’s Pilates Center of Milford seems like one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Although, once you walk in the door, you’ll wonder where all these people came from, how they all became such good friends, and why you’ve never been there before. And it’s no secret that Pilates offers heaps of benefits to all body types—from delicate movements to hardcore athletic training (hey, if it’s good enough for LeBron James, it’s good enough for you, too).

The Pilates Center offers a variety of Pilates-infused classes and breaks them down into three categories: Symmetry, Sweat, and Springs. Symmetry includes Pilates Mat levels 1 & 2, as well as the MELT Method (myofascial energetic length technique)—a self-treatment that combats pain and eases muscular stress. Sweat is musically-driven, dance-inspired and includes Barre, Define, and Bounce—each of which is deceptively hard. In Define, light hand and ankle weights are used (let me tell ya, they don’t feel so light after 50 minutes), and in Bounce, mini-trampolines are combined with light weights for the perfect combo of cardiovascular and weight-bearing work. (Warning: you may have to fight the urge to squeal wheeeee! on the trampoline). Finally, there’s Springs, which are group classes on the Pilates reformer. If you’ve never taken a reformer class, it’s a true game-changer. Reformers can both assist and support, as well as make exercises more challenging, with non-impact moves that don’t cause stress upon the joints.

Each class I took at The Pilates Center was challenging and, according to my trusty Fitbit, I burned between 300–450 calories. I left the studio walking a bit taller and, I assure you, I felt it the next day. For pricing and schedule information, check out their website here.

4. Put Up Your Dukes: Title Boxing Club of Milford

Title Boxing Club of Milford offers a high-energy workout that looks intimidating—but truly isn’t. What it is is a full-body workout that focuses on strength, balance, and cardio. And you get to look like Balboa while you do it.

As a new client, a team member is there to show you the ropes (no pun intended). After they check you in, they’ll begin by wrapping your hands like a legit boxer, then show you to your bag. After a warm-up, there are 8 rounds of intervals made up of 3 minutes of high-intensity bag work followed by an active rest with calisthenics. Then, you hit the floor for some intense core work and a well-deserved cool down. Badass (but friendly and inspiring) instructor Liz Cotter broke down all the moves for newbies on the sly without making anyone feel like a doofus (ahem, me), which is a feat unto itself. After the hour was up, I was drenched in sweat from having torched around 500 calories—and ready to come back for more.

Title offers multiple packages along with ongoing group challenges to help you get and stay focused on your progress. Check out their schedule and rates here.

5. Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name: The Woodruff YMCA

OK, so you know about this one, but who doesn’t love a Y? The Woodruff Family YMCA is really so much more than a place to get fit. It’s a community unto itself.

True, this isn’t news. But the refurbished spaces may be a surprise to those that haven’t been to the Y in a while, and between the equipment, the classes, and the pool, it really is a combo platter of fitness all under one roof. And you’ll likely make friends while you’re there.

Some standout features of the Y: Obviously, for those that like to swim laps, there’s the pool. But there’s also personal training, and strength, cycle, Zumba, yoga, boot camp,and barre classes… I could go on. They even have paddleboard yoga, which is, you guessed it—yoga on a paddleboard in the pool. And more conveniently, there’s excellent onsite childcare, which can be one of the biggest challenges of getting a workout in. (Speaking of kids, using the pool is a great way to spend a few hours getting their ya-yas out on a cold winter day. Who needs a pool club?)

The Woodruff Y has a variety of different membership levels, as well as financial assistance options, making it truly a community-forward experience. They also frequently team up with the Milford United Way, so you can do good while getting fit—talk about a win-win. And, of course, there’s member discounts on camp, swimming lessons, and a variety of extras. Want to learn more? Check it out here.

6. These Sneaks Were Made For Walking: Milford Walkers

Did you know that Milford Recreation has group walks? And they're free? I sure didn’t!

This fun beginner/intermediate walking group meets up on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. and the best part is, all you need to do is show up with a pair of sneakers on. You’ll log about 3 miles (you’ll hit your step goal that day for sure), and the location changes—you’ll discover both new sites and new friends along the way. Since price and accountability are often top reasons of why folks fall off the fitness bandwagon, these free walks are starting to sound pretty sweet, right? Learn more about them—and where to meet up— here.

No matter what you choose, the best part of getting on board with a new program isn’t just the physical benefits (like sleeping better, losing weight, less aches and pains, etc)—it’s also the sense of mental well-being. And when it’s dark out by 5pm, who couldn’t use a dose of the exercise-induced feel-goods? Whether you’re hitting the pavement, the mat, or the weights, you’re doing yourself a favor that will last long after your sweat sesh is over. So what are you waiting for? See you at the gym!


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